Terms and Conditions for Imports

Kindly note that these are the additional charges for the following items which are exclusive of the shipping cost to Nigeria


  • Phones: $60 each
  • Tablets: $75 each
  • Laptop: $120 each
  • Perfumes: $50 each



  • Phones, tablets and laptops: $145 regardless of quantity
  • NO PERFUMES allowed on this service



  • Phone – £25; charges are subject to increase depending on quantity of phone or laptops.



  1. Our courier fees are based on our exchange rate for the day, which is subject to change as circumstances may demand. All our charges are inclusive of a 7.5% VAT charge.
  2. The handling charge is payable per transaction and expires after one month if we have not received any parcel on your behalf during this period. At the expiration of one month from payment, it becomes non-refundable.

Once handling fee is paid for, it starts to count when we receive your package in our UK, USA AND CANADA hub. For instance ; day 1 of 14 counts the day we received your parcel. After 14 days, the handling fee expires. Parcel received after the 14 days will attract additional handling fee

Should a refund of the handling charge be required, a 30% deduction will be made before the refund is processed. Refunds on other payments made to VEESTORE for any purpose will be made after deduction of all bank transfer charges.



Items left in our office after 14days would be put to sale on auction to cover the debt owed to VEESTORE. The balance would be paid to defaulting clients.

Note; if items aren’t picked up within 14days upon arrival ,we would charge N500 per day for storage .



All weights are approximated so if your parcel is 5.2kg for instance, this will be charged as 6kg. This applies for parcels from the UK

For items from the US and CANADA, items weighing 0.6kg will be charged at 1kg while items weighing 0.4kg will be charged at 0.5kg.

Weights of parcels are calculated based on volumetric or actual weight, charges would be based on whichever is higher



All payment must be made to VEESTORE before delivery or pick up is made.



VEESTORE offers pick up in the UK every Wednesday. There must be a confirmation of payment of handling fee before this can be done.



For item(s) you would like us to order for you, please send us the links with sizes and quantities to enable us prepare a quote for purchase ,to our email.

The Naira equivalent of the total spent must be sent to us before the orders are placed. Once orders are placed order confirmations will be sent to your email as evidence of your purchase(s). Receipts which are received in your parcels will be removed by VEESTORE for security reasons as they will contain our personal billing details.

Should VEESTORE place an order on your behalf from a store, VEESTORE will not be responsible for any losses caused by your dealings with the store. However, we may process refunds and exchanges on your behalf, at additional charges using our Export service.



Clients are required to disclose the full contents of all parcels being sent as VEESTORE will not be responsible for loss or damage to undisclosed items such as fragile or luxury goods. Repackaging of items may be required and will attract an additional charge which depends on the size and type of repackaging required.



All parcels received by VEESTORE are subject to being opened for controlled inspection as they make their way to you in Nigeria.



VEESTORE will not be liable for the loss or misdirection of parcels that are not labelled as directed in our communication.



Regardless of who is at fault ,the liability of VEESTORE is limited to £10/equivalent per transaction.

Weekends, public holidays, delays caused by customs or by compliance with mandatory local security requirements or other events beyond our control are not included when we quote our delivery times.