Terms and Conditions for Exports


  • All our charges are inclusive of a 7.5% VAT charge.
  • We require full and complete payment to be made before parcels are dispatched to their destination.



Storage charges will be levied on parcels whose delivery/pick up is delayed due to non-payment, insufficient delivery information and any other such reasons, as follows:

  • N500 per day

Items left in our office after 14 days of incurring storage charges will be destroyed.



Weights of parcels are calculated based on volume or actual weight, whichever is higher.



Clients are required to disclose the full contents of all parcels being sent as VEESTORE will not be responsible for loss or damage to undisclosed items such as fragile or luxury goods. Repackaging of items may be required and will attract an additional charge which depends on the size and type of repackaging required.



All parcels received by VEESTORE are subject to being opened for controlled inspection as they make their way to their destinations.

All parcels will be inspected, may be opened and alsosubject to the application of Customs duties by Customs officials in the receiving country. This fee is exclusive of our courier fees and must be paid by the receiver before delivery can be complete.

In the event that the fee is disputed or remains unpaid the parcel will be returned to Nigeria and there will be no refund issued for the initial attempt to deliver the shipment.



VEESTORE will not be liable for the loss or misdirection of parcels that are not labelled accurately with the name, address and contact details of the receiver.



Regardless of who is at fault the liability of VEESTORE is limited to the value of the goods or N5,000 per shipment, whichever is lower. If the Client regards this limit as insufficient the Client is required to make a special declaration of value and request additional insurance. In the absence of insurance cover, VEESTORE will not be liable for any loss or damage to the goods in transit.

VEESTORE liability is strictly limited to direct loss and damage to physical items only. All other types of loss or damage are excluded (including but not limited to lost profits, income, interest, future business), whether such loss or damage is special or indirect, and even if the risk of such loss or damage was brought to VEESTORE attention.

We shall make every reasonable effort to deliver your shipment according to our advertised delivery schedules but this is not guaranteed as we will not be liable for any delay beyond our control. Weekends, public holidays, delays caused by airlines or by compliance with mandatory local security requirements or other events beyond our control are not included when we quote our delivery times.